Discover the colour range of the Flauti finish



Flauti is the stoneware listels collection for cladding, designed by Ceramica Vogue to feature the architectural space through a bas-relief structure.

It's random meshmounted supplied makes light reflecting in different ways giving thus a sort of "movement" to the walls. 

Flauti comprehends two tridimensional listels and a flat one, available in sizes 5x20 and 5x40 cm, mixed meshmounted on net 40x30 cm. 

The collection is make in 6 colors, available in glossy and satin finishes, for the 5x20 cm size.

For the 5x40 cm size, 12 colors are available in the glossy finish only: the 6 colors of the 5x20 cm size and 6 new trendy colours.

Flauti is suitable for the indoor cladding of residential and commercial spaces, like restaurants or stores and precisely thanks to its technical and aesthetic characteristics also for the outdoor facades, recalling a typical Italian tradition which found its highest expression in the middle of the last century. 

Upon request solutions for creating customized meshes 30x40 cm, thus allowing you to personalize both the net layout and the final laying.  Possibility to choose among different customized solutions: only concave listels, only convex or flat or all the types mixed together.